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The Taco Joint

The Taco Joint has been operating as a food truck on South Grand Avenue since 2017. It currently offers customers picnic tables under a pergola for those who prefer to dine on site. The place is always busy when we go past, so it's no surprise that Springfield agrees that The Taco Joint has the best tacos in town.

The Taco Joint is currently renovating the old Rally's on South Grand just down the road from their current location. The move to a brick-and-mortar location is imminent as of our publication date, at which time the food truck will convert to a burger joint operating at the same location.

The Taco Joint has quite an impressive menu consisting of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas and a variety of one-off dishes. Tacos are available either "street-style" (corn tortilla, cilantro and onion) or "gringo-style" (flour tortilla, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese). The Taco Joint currently has al pastor, grilled chicken, carne asada, chori chicken, carnitas and chorizo as taco options.

Besides your classic tacos, The Taco Joint also has handcrafted original tacos that offer a unique spin on your classic taco. For those who want something that is easy to eat on the go, the Walk'N Taco is served in a bag of Doritos or Fritos with your choice of beef, chicken, steak or carnitas and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, melted queso and queso fresco.

The menu changes every six months, so there's always something new. We can't wait to see the changes that come with the new location.

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