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Mimosa Vietnamese and Thai Restaurant

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Mimosa has been offering traditional Vietnamese and Thai dishes on the west side for quite some time now. But this year it was Mimosa's sushi offerings that got Springfield excited.

First, Mimosa's space has quite a modern look, replete with neon lights and a large round bar in the center. Sushi chefs occupy part of the bar and are visible to diners. The interior is nicely done with light-toned colors and attractive treatments. It sets a nice stage for a sushi dinner.

In major metro areas, it seems like sushi chefs are pushing their craft into new and exciting areas. With that movement comes a dramatic increase in prices - $400 and up tasting menus at some places. That's not what Mimosa is about. It's about quality ingredients, friendly service and family-friendly, reasonable prices.

Mimosa's menu has a huge variety of sushi choices, some served a la carte and some that come with miso soup or a side salad. Of course, there are the usual suspects like California and tuna rolls, but there are also some quirky and inventive dishes like the aquarium sushi (chef's choice of seven pieces of sushi and a California roll) and the Cajun tuna roll. Mimosa also makes it easy by providing clear descriptions and indications when an item is spicy. It's classic, American-style sushi done well.

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