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Old Luxemburg Inn

The Old Lux, as the Old Luxemburg Inn is commonly known, is a Springfield icon. It's located on the east side in a building that's over 100 years old and decked out with wood paneling that gives it a supper-club feeling. And, the bar still offers the grasshopper – a drink that most bartenders no longer know how to serve. The place just oozes retro ambiance. And don't forget about the delicious fried lobster tails.

But this year, the Old Lux won recognition for having Springfield's best steaks. We love that the place advertises that they aren't responsible for steaks cooked more than medium and that there are only six steaks to choose from – the filet, ribeye, strip, sirloin, chopped sirloin or T-bone. All dishes come with a choice of potato (the loaded potato being the crowd favorite) and sides include classics like sauteed mushrooms and an Escoffier sauce. In our eyes, the only thing missing is the escargot.

Readers also like the chive-cheese sauce (delicious on a baked potato) and the homemade house salad dressing. But the steaks really stand out – all are well-sized, tender, with appropriate marbling and great flavor. Note that the Old Lux only seasons steaks upon request – we think they're a little bland without the Old Lux's proprietary spice rub, so be sure to ask for it.

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