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WILD Canine Rescue

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What's not to love about a WILD woman? Women in Love with Dogs, or WILD Canine Rescue, is near and dear to every dog lover's heart in central Illinois and beyond. WILD Canine Rescue, founded in 2016, is a nonprofit registered with to ensure transparency, licensed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture and has licensed, trained animal cruelty investigators on call for service.

WILD Canine Rescue is guided by the mission of preventing well-balanced dogs from being euthanized at shelters, both locally and nationwide. WILD will rescue dogs when they have run out of time in shelters or are in need of medical treatment. WILD is devoted to saving animals in need and is dedicated to the proper care and welfare of animals that are homeless, abandoned and abused. The Home to Home Program assists pet owners in crisis with the difficult task of finding a new home for their beloved pets.

WILD is a foster-based rescue, which means that all adoptable dogs are placed in a foster home with a loving family that helps them learn the basics of living in a home and receive any veterinary treatment they might require.

WILD relies heavily on a community of volunteers who assist with daily operations, special events, fundraising efforts, fostering and transporting dogs to facilitate their placement in their new home. Additionally, funds donated by those who cannot physically volunteer are equally important in keeping this nonprofit going. WILD is guided by a volunteer board of five women who are committed to the mission of saving souls, one paw at a time.

Thanks to the dedication of all WILD women, last year 424 dogs were adopted from WILD and more than $155,000 in medical bills were paid.

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