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Fifth Street Flower Shop

Fifth Street Flower Shop has been around for a while – since 1931, to be exact, when Truman Cole purchased Cole Flower Shop from his father and renamed it Fifth Street Flower Shop. Though its location moved several times throughout the decades, it moved back to Fifth Street and into its current location at 739 S. Fifth in 1991.

Eight years ago, Sara and Doug Camp purchased the flower shop from longtime owners Patrick and Robyn O'Connor. Manager Nicki Shaub has been with the new owners all the way.

Shaub says the COVID-19 pandemic closed their shop for about six months, as the floral industry was hit very hard. Entire fields of flowers were discarded, as big weddings were postponed or transitioned into informal affairs. The industry continues to struggle to find equilibrium. Fifth Street Flower Shop has temporarily discontinued providing flowers for weddings due to shortages and has focused on other special occasions.

Shaub says the three full-time employees of the shop have aimed to stay positive throughout the disruptions wreaked by the pandemic. "If it weren't for our customers coming together, it would be a hard struggle for us," says Shaub.

Not only are there a lot of emotions in dealing with the disruptions in the floral industry from the pandemic, but Shaub notes they relate to the emotions of their customers. "What we try to do is to help the other person who is struggling or having an awesome experience. We go through every emotion they do." Sometimes it means providing a literal shoulder to cry on. "We're a part of everybody's family," notes Shaub.

Shaub says it is an amazing experience to repeatedly be recognized as the Best of Springfield. "We feel the love and truly appreciate it. It helps us get through our everyday life at the store." She notes that their high standards of quality for the fresh flowers and plants they sell, as well as their exceptional and personal customer service, are the keys to their success.

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