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1st & 3rd Boutique and Wine Bar, Petersburg

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Photo courtesy of The Petersburg Observer

The verdict is in, and folks decided the best new bar is more than just a bar. The business, located in a cool old building on the west side of the square in Petersburg, features a boutique with clothes, gifts and assorted goodies downstairs, plus wine, entertainment and a stylish space upstairs.

Started by two sisters who were both educators and looking for a change, Liz Carter and Maggie Adkins turned a far-fetched, dreamy idea into a rocking, relevant reality in the space of several months. The intriguing name came from their order in a family of four sisters (you can ask them who is first and who is third) and it was in the fall of 2020, while dealing with the frustrations of teaching remotely, they decided to seriously look at opening a place together.

When the building they both knew and admired as residents of Petersburg came up for sale, they purchased it and began the adventure. The official opening happened on June 5, 2021, after spending months teaching while working on the building nights and weekends. The upstairs area was originally intended to host private parties and events, but with the popularity of the wine bar, the room is now fully dedicated to being open to their enthusiastic and ardent patrons.

Their always-popular charcuterie board is available in different options, including the recently introduced to-go box, and there are the unusual and the usual varieties of wine for your drinking pleasure, plus regular live music to entertain the happy, new-bar-going crowd.

With all the excitement of other places opening on the Petersburg square in the coming months, the sisters are perhaps poised to expand beyond the new bar category next year. As more and more folks make the 'burg on the Sangamon River a destination, the little wine bar (and boutique) that could may be a future, as well as a current, Best of Springfield winner.

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