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The Taco Joint

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For a lot of places, a taco is a side dish or a supporting player, something to be added on to a larger meal. In addition to its burritos, quesadillas and other creations, The Taco Joint treats its tacos like the main event, based on the level of attention to detail. It has the vibe of your favorite Mexican restaurant or food truck in any major city you've visited.

Chef Manny Jerez said authenticity in its dishes is an important selling point for The Taco Joint.

"We try to offer customers real Mexican flavors. The way we make the items, the way we cook, we try to stay close to the way they make it in Mexico," Jerez said.

While the food is great, The Taco Joint is also a quick, easy, attractively priced place to grab lunch while buying local and feeling satisfied. With a convenient location at Second Street and South Grand Avenue for those looking to make a quick stop for lunch, speedy walk-up service and comfortable outdoor spots to sit and dig in, it's easy to see why the place is a popular spot during the lunch rush for nearby employees and commuters alike.

Jerez personally recommends the tacos de birria, The Taco Joint's flavorful take on tacos with Jalisco-style beef stew as the starting point.

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