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VELE definitely comes to mind when thinking about fine dining in Springfield, which is why our readers voted it as the city's best fine dining establishment. VELE's décor creates an upscale ambiance that pairs well with its carefully crafted menu.

The menu is about modern coastal Italian food with a focus on small plates meant to be shared among diners. If you are undecided on which small plates to try you can't go wrong with the spicy calamari or filet bites. The chef is well-versed in perfectly pairing flavors together to create an upscale experience. The menu is tight and focused with each dish packing flavor, but not overwhelmingly so. There is also a strong wine and cocktail list.

Along with the small plates, VELE also has a handful of pastas, seafood, steak and lamb. If you are looking for something a little lighter to start out your meal, the grilled Caesar salad is always a hit. For those who aren't afraid of little spice, check out the spicy seafood spaghetti made with hand-rolled squid ink spaghetti for the entrée. You can't go wrong with the filet or lamb lollipops, either.

Have no doubt, if you come to VELE, you will have a fine dining experience. There's not a bad dish in the house.

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