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Little Saigon

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Photo by David Hine

Springfield loves its Asian foods, and this year our readers have decided that Little Saigon tops the charts in this category. While it was recognized in the category for best Chinese food, Little Saigon serves up primarily Thai and Vietnamese cuisine in an atmosphere that gives a nod to its Southeast Asian heritage.

We think our readers are drawn to Little Saigon for things like its Pho soups that can warm even the coldest soul. The aromatic and deeply flavored broth is the perfect vehicle for thinly sliced beef, onions, noodles, and cilantro. Or its papaya salad that packs a deceptive amount of heat that's balanced by just the right amount of sweetness. Diners also seem drawn to Little Saigon's large variety of fruit freezes – nice when you want to cool off from some of their spicier entrees. A variety of beers are also available to serve the same purpose, including some authentic Thai and Vietnamese beers that hit the right spot.

But Little Saigon isn't all about spice. There are plenty of traditional Asian dishes that offer just as much flavor but without the heat, like noodle salads topped with meat or egg and served with vegetables with a tangy and sweet dressing. Service is always extremely friendly, and the space is kept clean.

Lastly, our readers liked that Little Saigon not only has the kind of food that handles takeout well (important in these days of COVID), but that the staff goes out of the way to package it up so that nothing spills. Small touches like this garnered Little Saigon the win this year.

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