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What happens when you open a business the same month that pandemic restrictions keep everyone at home? "It was challenging!" says Beverly Hopkins, owner of FLOW Midwest Yoga and Meditation. "We learned a lot."

Transitioning to virtual classes, Hopkins and partner Ashley Krstulovich persevered and kept their name in circulation by occasionally offering free virtual or outdoor classes until Phase 4 brought people back into public. Hopkins's daughter, Lindsey Selinger, is the third partner in the business, helping out with administrative and legal tasks as well as visioning.

A full schedule is back at FLOW Midwest, with basic, heated, restorative and flow yoga classes occurring seven days a week at the beautiful studio at 1921 W. Iles in Springfield. Occasional pop-up workshops are held with guest instructors. Krstulovich recently began a series called Self Care for Activists, to support those who are doing advocacy work on behalf of us all.

Krstulovich continues to hold virtual school breaks for kids, partnering with school districts to have 30-minute stretching and breathing breaks, which enhance learning and personal well-being. "We like to give kids tools for their toolbox," remarks Hopkins, with the idea of reaching kids before their stress levels become overwhelming. "We want to share these coping mechanisms with as many kids as possible."

FLOW Midwest is operating within COVID-19 restrictions, with social distancing in place. "We put stickers on the floor where people need to be, just like kindergarten," laughs Hopkins. Masks are required to enter the studio, though they may be removed once people are on their sticker.

Many participants join classes virtually. "We've had people tell us they look forward to their class every day," states Hopkins, noting that for those whose routines have been massively interrupted, yoga classes can provide the stability and regularity they need to maintain good mental and physical health.

"We've had to dig deep," remarks Hopkins about the challenges of 2020. "We've had to get creative. In day-to-day life, we're going to have roadblocks. We have to challenge ourselves to get through it and do what we can. We are resilient."

With a focus on making FLOW Midwest a space for people of all experience levels to feel safe and comfortable, Hopkins, Krstulovich and the rest of the instructors at FLOW Midwest welcome you to join them and find out why it was voted Springfield's best yoga studio.

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