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Amanda Wilde, RN, pediatrics nurse at SIU Medicine

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Amanda Wilde humbly admits she finds it incredible to be chosen as Springfield's best nurse, particularly since she just graduated from nursing school in 2017. Wilde began her nursing career at St. John's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where she worked with the most vulnerable of patients, premature babies. "We focused on respect, care, compassion and joy," she states, "and I've taken that philosophy with me."

Wilde has been at at SIU Pediatrics for just over a year, working for a group of four physicians and alongside a fifth physician who treats newborn babies. She was personally impressed with the care of children at SIU Pediatrics and transferred the care of her own 19-month-old after she began working there and saw the doctors in action.

"The doctors at SIU go above and beyond," says Wilde.

SIU Pediatrics treats children from birth to age 18, though patients entering college may still be seen even after age 18. "We often do that first college physical," says Wilde. Children come in for well visits, such as physicals and immunizations, as well as for illnesses such as flu and strep throats and life's little surprises, like broken arms. She also sees chronically or critically ill children in the practice. "We see kids with G-tubes or trachs," she affirms.

"Sometimes these kids are scared just looking at the building from the outside, let alone walking through the doors," states Wilde. "I try to relate to them, to be very real. I treat every kid as if they were my own child, to help them get comfortable and to get down on their level."

Singing songs, making jokes and other acts of care are all part of the package. Parents obviously appreciate the efforts Wilde makes, as their voting reflects.

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