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Track Shack

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Photo by Joseph Copley

The Track Shack is appropriately, if not very originally, named – it resembles a shack and it's located near the Third Street railroad tracks. The parking lot seems on the small side, and we imagine parking would be tight on a crowded day. Various beer signs flank the main sign that hangs over the front door. From outward appearances, it has all the marks of a dive bar. We mean that in the best possible way. But Springfield knows that it's much more than a neighborhood bar, which is why it recognized Track Shack with the best fried chicken award, thanks to its Thursday night fried chicken special.

The first thing to love about Track Shack is its dark and cozy interior. Half restaurant and half bar, it's the kind of place where you know most items are homemade and not frozen. As for the fried chicken, the special consists of half a fried chicken, green beans, potatoes (ask for the Italian potatoes, with peppers and onions, you'll thank us) and dessert. Voters liked that it came out "piping hot," "nice and crispy" and with the perfect blend of seasoning. Most importantly, our readers really appreciated that the chicken was nice and juicy, with some wondering if Track Shack has a secret brining recipe.

But don't worry if you're not in the mood for chicken. Track Shack's menu is quite extensive, with offerings including a wide variety of appetizers, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, po'boys and salads. Finally, make sure to try Track Shack's wonderful homemade Italian dressing.

Worried about COVID? Don't be – Track Shack has a drive-thru, outdoor seating and practices social distancing.

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