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Dave Littrell

Photo by Tom Franke

Since he jumped into the local music scene with the prog-indie-jam, all-original-rock band The Station, back at the turn of the century, Chatham's favorite native son, Dave Littrell, has played his horn and sang his songs for anyone who cares to listen. The readers of Illinois Times certainly recognized his ability to play his sweet saxophone and sing a song like nobody's business, but Littrell is also an accomplished performer on the guitar and is adept at handling bass, flute, percussion and keyboards.

A glance to past Best of Springfield issues demonstrates Littrell is a consistent winner in the horn category and also received Best Guitarist a few times as well as placing up there in the singer-songwriter category too. He first picked up the saxophone during his Chatham-Glenwood school days where he garnered All State Jazz Band honors, and he's been singing and accompanying himself on guitar for about as long as he can remember.

The versatile and talented musician spent most of the early 2000s on the road touring with The Station, then hung around town more in the last decade playing plenty of hometown, self-supporting gigs. He released a Dave Carter-produced, acoustic-based, solo album, Now I See (Planet Playground Records), in 2010, while continuing to work with the ever-evolving music of The Station. After combining forces with fellow singer-songwriters and heralded local performers, Micah Walk and Elizabeth Eckert, to form the Americana trio The Deep Hollow, Littrell increased his musicianship abilities by adding bass drum and percussion to his role in the group, a feat he accomplished while simultaneously playing guitar and singing.

A dedicated family man, Littrell continues to play consistently with all variations of his bands, projects and combos, while balancing home life and his musical world, set on this notion of nurturing creativity and developing talent as an integral part of his personal and professional experience.

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