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Buzz Bomb Brewing Company

Buzz Bomb Brewing Company

Buzz Bomb Brewing Company has been a great addition to downtown Springfield.  It’s located next to the Kidzeum, which makes it the perfect place to stop for a beer if you need to unwind after the little ones got all wound up at the museum. The owners are genuinely nice people and provide good service to their patrons. Maybe that’s why Buzz Bomb was also a finalist in voting for best place to go downtown and best local bartender.  

Buzz Bomb offers a large bar on the first floor with custom seating that was built by the Buzz Bomb crew itself. Customers can take a seat at the bar and try one of their many different beers, the majority of which are brewed on location.  All beers come in a taster portion so you can try them all out to find the ones you like the best: Brown Ale, Cream Ale, Hefeweizen and IPA are some of the choices. For the non-craft beer drinker, there are a couple of hard cider options. 

At the rear of the first floor there are glass windows that let visitors view the brew room to see where and how the beer magic happens. The staff are also known to give brewery tours.  Head to the second floor, which can be rented out for private parties, events or fundraisers, and there’s even more seating and a second bar.  
Buzz Bomb often has events going on throughout the week, including open mic nights, trivia nights, live music and the occasional board game night – which led to a top five ranking in the Best Place for Open Mic Night and Best Bar for Those in Their Mid 20’s categories. Buzz Bomb has also teamed up with Café Moxo and Just the Basics to provide you with amazing beer from Buzz Bomb, along with food from Café Moxo and wine or liquor from Just the Basics, for your holiday parties.  For the beer selection and many other reasons, Springfield is happy to welcome Buzz Bomb. 

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