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Untitled Document THE MISSION
We’ve been engaged in “Operation Best of Springfield” for more years than we can remember, and though we’ve been forced to adapt to changing conditions on the ground, we’re still focused on the mission: giving a voice to the thousands of people who want the good guys to win.
Each year we invite our readers to vote for their favorites in dozens of categories. Some categories change; others don’t. The top recipient of votes in each category is declared the winner — and gets a certificate, a write-up in this special edition, and bragging rights for a year. This contest for superiority is unrelated to advertising — some of our loyal advertisers win, some don’t. We play by the rules of the Geneva Conventions: No contestants are tortured, and all our corpuses are habeased. Life’s not fair, but the Best of Springfield is.
This year we received and tabulated 2,124 votes — a 57 percent increase over last year and another record response. For the second year in a row, technology helped us target our quarry; in other words, most votes were cast online. We saw heavy fighting in three provinces: Best Radio Station for Music, Best Pizza, and Best Sub Sandwiches. In two, insurgents fought hard, pushing aside some familiar faces, and in other hard-fought categories victory hung by a thread. In the Best Bartender, Downtown Bar, and Jewelry Store categories, our winners won by two votes or fewer. War is hell.
Operation Best of Springfield is commanded by an elite group of career journalists, including Marissa Monson, R.L. Nave, Dusty Rhodes, Amanda Robert, and Roland Klose, assisted by our volunteer special-forces team of Tom Irwin, Phil Funkenbusch, and Job Conger. (Conger also took many of the pictures for this issue.) Military intelligence was supplied by copy editor Kerry Bailey. Battle maps were provided by able graphic-design specialists Joe Copley and Dave Janes. Becky Austwick helped with online voting.
We’ve declared victory, so all results are final — until next year or until Congress grows a backbone. If you don’t like the way we conducted the war, write a letter. Here’s the address: Editor, Illinois Times, P.O. Box 5256, Springfield, IL 62705. You may also send an e-mail to [email protected], but remember: Your government may be reading the contents.

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