I spent a year in England, saved a clipping:
"Girl in Pram Fights Monkey" I omit here the
London suburban street, etc. "A two-year-old fought
with a monkey which jumped into her pram
yesterday." She was eating a banana, bitten, scratched,
but held tight to her prize. The mother is quoted, "I was
paralyzed with fright! Vanessa fought the monkey, but
it bit her on the arms and hands. A man got the beast
out of the pram. He was bitten, too." The monkey was
on a long lead outside a pet shop. The child received an
anti-tetanus shot plus penicillin for a week. The paper
doesn't tell if her rescuer received treatment, nor the fate
of the banana. Today, the owner would be sued.

2023 Jacqueline Jackson

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